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While doing national sales for Thermo's cassette and slide printers, I saw the need for a software platform to address the safety and quality concerns of pathology labs. I imagined a system that worked with all types of vendor equipment and could be flexible and affordable enough to reach all customers. Working with Fortelinea, we've created PRIMA to meets the needs of the market.

Prima is a universal software tool for pathology labs: A software platform to address the safety and quality concerns of Pathology lab administrators.

Prima will track and manage a sample’s life cycle, from its inception until it is archived, and monitor what work was performed and by whom.

The software relays valuable information in real-time to allow managers to address quality and turnaround time problems and generate useful reports. Prima collects data for in-depth analysis of your lab and monitors trends to address long-term issues.

Prima is a clinical product that can integrate into a hospital or hospital system’s LIS and provide peace of mind immediately with full sample accountability. Prima can be the single standalone software tool to help dermatology and gastroenterology histopathology labs adopt efficient, safe, and lean techniques to stay profitable.

Prima is the ideal solution for research pathology and pharmaceutical histology labs. Our software will track and manage studies, sample life cycle, and chain of custody information. Prima’s 2D barcodes link samples with studies and cohorts, and the lab can be fully integrated by connecting Prima to IHC platforms, imagers and researchers.

Best of all, Prima is a flexible and affordable solution for labs, built to connect to any stainer, printer, imager or information system with no upfront cost to own and begin using.